Installing Soft Token Software and STDID File

A. Download the Software Token software.

B. Install the software by choosing Run and follow all of the prompts until it finishes.

1. Launch the software by going to Start | Programs | RSA SecureID Software Token | RSA SecureID Software Token.

Screen Shot

2. Choose File | Import Token.

3. Select Import from File and Browse to where you saved your STDID file.

4. Select the token and click OPEN the selected token.

5. Click OK to import the token in the Select Software Token dialog box.

6. Open Internet Explorer and type (choose a gateway) in the address bar and press Enter.

7. Type your GID in the Username field.

8. Click the right facing triangle or hit enter on your keyboard to get the token code from the Software Token dialog box, then click the COPY button.

9. Click into the Password field on the SSL page and select Edit | Paste and press Enter.

10. Create a Personal Identification Number (PIN) by entering a 4-digit number, with no leading 0's, confirming the number, and clicking Save PIN.
(This returns you to the SSL Login page.)

11. Return to the Software Token dialog box and enter the PIN number using the on screen number buttons and hit enter, or click the right facing triangle in the box


12. Click Copy and Paste the Passcode number from the Software Token dialog box into the Password field in SSL making sure your GID is in the Username field.

Accept any/all installation software and you have successfully installed the RSA Software Token and generated your PIN.


**Instructions for Using the RSA Software Token for Remote Access**


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