*Symptom: You are experiencing TCP/IP and/or other VPN related issues with Windows XP SP2 and SSL.
Cause: There is a known coding issue with Windows XP SP2 which causes problems in multiple VPN-related programs.
Resolution: Microsoft has made a fix for XP SP2 and the SSL available...
1. Go to: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;%5bLN%5d;884020
2. Select Download and Continue.
3. Select No, do not validate Windows...
4. Click Download

*Symptom: ActiveX requirements
Cause: Running in Windows mode requires ActiveX to be installed and enabled in the user's browser. It also requires Power User or Administrator rights on the machine in order to install the ActiveX controls correctly.
Resolution: These settings can be found and verified using the instructions in the document: ActiveX won't work in my Internet Explorer browser: http://na-db01.okla.seagate.com/helpdesk/itselfhelp.nsf/Special/ID/NT000009B6

*Symptom: User logs into SSL, but cannot get to any internal resources.
1. Possible spyware infection.
2. Incorrect login mode.
3. Corrupted software
4. Temporary issue with the gateway
1. Install and run Spybot Search and Destroy:To remove any spyware on the computer.
2. Attempt to connect in another network mode. Network Connect mode is default; Windows mode is an alternative.
3. Uninstall and reinstall the Juniper Network connect client with the following steps:
a. Open the Windows Control panel. Go to Add/Remove programs. Look for and remove any application called Juniper Network connect.
b. Reboot the computer when finished.
c. Go to the http://ssl.seagate.com website and login. This will re-install the client. After re-connecting, you should be prompted to accept a software installation. Accept this installation to proceed.

*Symptom: "Windows Connect" mode does not support NetMeeting or PING commands.
Resolution: Use "Network Connect" mode when logging on.


Note: If you experience any problems contact your local helpdesk for assistance.

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